Section 1. 

Election of officers. The Board of Directors will assign the offices of President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary by majority vote of the Board.


Section 2. 

Duties of each position:

(a) President

     (i) Preside at all assemblies and meetings.

     (ii) Co-sign checks.

     (iii) Co-sign the contracts.

     (iv) General representation and coordination.

     (v) Serve as ex-officio member of the committees, except for the Electoral Committee.

(b) Vice-President

     (i) Be prepared to assume the office of the presidency.

     (ii) Work together with the President on representation and general coordination matters.

(c) Treasurer

     (i) Manage the accounts and donations received by the organization.

     (ii) Co-sign checks.

     (iii) Co-sign the contracts.

     (iv) Constantly report to the Board of Directors and at least annually to the members of the Corporation on the statement of accounts and the management of institutional assets.

     (v) Propose an assistant, accounting expert.

     (vi) Prepare a report to present to an auditor outside the corporation.

(d) Secretary

     (i) Maintain minutes, prepare and publish reports

     (ii) Keep the Proceedings-Archives, the press and the e-mail.


Section 3. 

Duration of the post. No officer may serve more than 3 years in the same position.


Section 4. 

Vacancies. If the position of the presidency becomes vacant, the Vice President will assume that position. Any other vacancy will be filled by nomination of the President with the majority approval of the Board of Directors.


Section 5. 

Command Succession. In the event of an important decision to be made, if the President is not available, the Vice President will make the decision, if both are not available, the longest serving Director will make the decision.