In 1998, with the support of some members of QUIPUNET, SEDERUL (Rural Development Service), an email list of interest was formed, which attempted to be a link between the peoples of the rural areas (their needs, their concerns) and national and international organizations, as well as professionals who could cooperate with their knowledge, information and experiences in the development of topics in the field of Education, Agriculture and Rural Tourism.

With the intention of contributing to the development of Education, one of the main activities of this list was the development of a Virtual Competition of Writing. This competition was open to Junior High School Students of Public Educational Centers of Peru, especially in rural areas.

The Internet at the time offered the opportunity to give a "voice" to the majority. This "voice" was made possible with electronic mail. The Competition was offered as an incentive to secondary students to familiarize themselves with the Tools of the INTERNET and to be able to take part in its benefit for the development of their local communities. They would experience a form of communication with the outside World to make known their concerns, their problems and their experiences.