The method of work we utilize is to form Work Groups.  The Work Group can be of only one person or an unlimited number.  Thanks to this manner of work, one of our most important projects was born: EMBRACE A SCHOOL.

In Peru we have many schools that need even the most essential didactic materials such as pencils, books, paper, color pencils, etc.  In many cases the students must share pencils and use small pieces of paper, and some do not even have books to learn. Teachers, who earn meager salaries, sometimes buy the materials they need to teach using their own money.  Under these conditions basic teaching is exceedingly difficult and to inspire and/or teach is next to impossible.

Our project: Embrace a School is trying to help in this area.  Each Work Group works at collecting funds, and embracing one school, or at least one classroom at a time and it helps by providing needed materials for those schools. The basic idea behind this project is that an individual CAN make a difference by only getting together with others of similar ideals and by forming Work Groups with which to embrace a school.  Working as a team, their donations, although individually small, combined with other funds, multiplies.

The schools can be chosen from different regions of Peru.  For example, many of our volunteers are choosing schools from the places they were born, or places where they know or have people they can trust. We need this kind of connection to serve as our eyes and ears in the places we help, and to make sure that our donations go to the right people.  Many of these volunteers use their vacation time to take donations to Peru and to investigate their projects. 

The number of students that have benefited from the donations of Quipunet number more than 10,000.  Each site that has a project periodically informs Quipunet of the advances, problems, and lessons learned.  This is the way we keep tabs on the donated resources and ensure they are being well used.