Section 1. 

The Corporation will have the following purposes:

a) Channel knowledge, methodology and technology available worldwide through the Internet.
b) Channel human and material resources available worldwide for the development of education in Peru.

Section 2. 

The Corporation has as objectives:

a) Offer Distance Education in all fields of human knowledge.
b) Promote distance education projects and facilitate their execution.
c) Support projects aimed at improving the infrastructure of schools and the like, giving preference to the most needy sectors.
d) Spread Peruvian culture.
e) Capture information about scholarships and other forms of financial aid for specialization studies.

Section 3. 

To meet its objectives, the Corporation proposes:

a) Use computer networks as the main means for the development of its Distance Education activities such as offering information, centralization of databases, courses, seminars, workshops, talks, etc.
b) Orient its work toward Colleges and Universities that have their own Distance Education projects.
c) Create an information bank on scholarships, study opportunities, as well as financial aid for educational projects.
d) Encourage the creation of Working Groups among the members of the Corporation oriented to Distance Education and institutional development tasks.
e) Create and maintain an official page of the Corporation that will be on the official server of the organization, for which the Board of Directors will be responsible for approving the content.