Section 1. 

Membership classes. There will be two kinds of members: Voluntary Members and Benefactor Members.

Section 2. 

Voluntary member requirements: To be a voluntary member of the Corporation, it is required:

a) Have communicated your intention to participate by sending a message to the Corporation's email address.
b) Having provided the required information on the registration form.

Section 3. 

Duties of Voluntary members:

a) Communicate changes of electronic address in a timely manner.
b) Respect the personal and moral integrity of the other members.

Section 4. 

Rights of the Voluntary members:

a) Volunteer to existing work groups.
b) Submit proposals aimed at fulfilling the purposes and objectives of the Corporation.
c) Participate with voice and vote in the elections of the Directors and in other general votes, consultations and referendums as set by the Board of Directors, prior registration on the registration form stating their intention to participate as a voting member.
d) Make use of the communications network of the Corporation.
e) Participate in the events of members of the Corporation.
f) Receive and send communications through the electronic list of the Corporation.

Section 5. 

Membership is lost due to:

a) Express resignation by means of a message addressed to the Board of Directors.
b) Silence of the electronic address without prior notice to the Board of Directors.
c) By agreement of the Board of Directors with prior report of a special commission.

Section 6. 

Benefactor Members:

a) Benefactor Members will be those organizations, institutions, corporations (whether commercial or non-profit) and / or independent persons who wish to participate with the Corporation as passive members.
b) To be considered a Benefactor Member, interested parties must pay an annual fee of $ 50 US to the Treasurer of the Corporation.
c) Benefactor Members will not have the rights and duties of Voluntary Members unless requested to the Board of Directors.