Section 1.

The affairs of the Corporation will be directed by a Board of Directors.


Section 2. 

The Board of Directors will be made up of 5 members.


Section 3. 

Requirements: To be a Director of the Board of Directors, it is required to have been a member of the organization for a minimum of 8 months and to have taken part in committees or Working Groups.


Section 4. 

The Board of Directors, in order to carry out its tasks, must create an Executive Committee, an Advisory Committee, and an Electoral Committee.


Section 5. 

Election of Directors. The first Director elections will take place at the first meeting of the Directors initially named in the Articles of Incorporation. In said elections, the initial Directors will elect 5 Directors from among themselves, two of whom will take office for a period of three years, two members will serve for two years and one will serve for one year. After the general elections, all directors will serve for two years, and the name(s) of the person(s) who will hold the position of Director of the Board will be announced publicly by the Electoral Committee before the electoral process. The Directors will be elected at the end of each term of office by the majority of votes from the list of Registered Members to vote, and the Directors will each serve for two years or until their successor is elected